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Launch of new office LED panels

Newsletter March 2014



 Launch of new office LED panels



 Vita Energia Solutions have developed a line of office LED panel lights that uses a recently launched and extremely efficient LED. Developed by one of our highly reliable component suppliers, in this fast developing LED market, we feel it pays to be careful where the components come from. This new LED array is manufactured in Europe and comes with a 5year warranty.

The LEDs have an industry-leading efficiency of 145 lumen/W. When installed behind a  diffuser (necessary for glare) and driver, the fitting delivers an incredible 122lm/W.  Most LED panels perform at 80-85 lm/W.  That's to say our panel is 50% more efficient than most LED panels.

The fitting is 595*595 and just 50mmm deep. It is designed to be either recessed in the standard 600*600 ceiling grid or surface mounted. The light colour is 4000K, cool white. The unit comes powder coated and can be in just about whatever colour you like.   

If you are considering LED panels to replace your existing recessed fittings or even surface-mounted battens, the savings are substantial - about 70%.   


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