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There is an Alternative

Building new generating capacity isnt cost free to the end user.   But as old, high CO2 emitting generating units are decommissioned what are the alternatives?    Investing in renewable or nuclear power generating units will increase the cost/kWh; there is no doubt.   Look at Germany where the impact of their renewables strategy of the last 20 years is having a real and significant impact on their cost of electricity and in the end the competitiveness of their energy intensive industries.   

There is an alternative; to be more efficient.

Recent analysis (1) calculates the electricity used to power lighting in the UK consumes 60 Billion kWh/year of which commercial and industrial lighting are estimated to be 42 Billion kWh/year. 

From 100s of site surveys by Vita Energia during the last 10 years, the average savings potential by upgrading commercial and industrial lighting in UK is 56% - a saving of 23Billion kWh/yr at an average investment payback of under 2 years.

Clear, to save 23Billion kWh/yr would significantly reduce the need for new generating capacity.   In fact, EdF’s nuclear generating projects will add 27Billion kWh/yr.   (Combined capacity of new units at Hinkley and Sizewell B is 3.2M kW and operating continuously 24/7 would provide 27B kWh over a year).   Given the subsidy for the nuclear unit, to paid by you and I, will be 10p/kWh, isnt it a better investment to be more efficient.

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Andrew HOY, Vita Energia


  1.  Lux Live 30 Sept 14.


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